BBM MOD Anu Base BBM 2.131.14 APK for Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollypop, and Up

Hello guys, welcome to my site at Download Game Android MOD, Howdy sobbed certainly in good health right?. NAAH at the time of this last article I will share a new feature that is based on BBM BBM apk Latest v2.13.1.14 ANU v2. As we know that the development of the times have been very fast. Especially the development of technology, Internet has become one of the trends where - where, could easily access the Internet without limits and without problems as well, and therefore I want to treat my friend with me this whole sob article. Good Mod fuel and convenient way to connect your phone Android sobbed, where fuel Mod also has its own uniqueness and sophistication sob. No doubt my friend will not be a loss if you have this fuel Mod, Mod primarily fuel is highly sought by users of Android sob.

Download BBM ANU v2 based on fuel v2.13.1.14 Latest apk. So this time BBM Mod to mate is a MOD theme fuel is a bit similar to WhatsUpp that has a great view and elegant. From this friend you can make the subject of BBM friends become cooler again. MOD BBM heard of Anu, anu name is indeed very strange whimper, why not-so a word that means millions of views is what my friend could make an attractive presentation fuel. Well let me Buddy curiosity not just plug and defuelling based fuel v2.13.1.14 recent ANU v2 apk below.

BBM MOD Anu Features

  • block read status 
  • hide/show anime cover 
  • hide/show cover 
  • hide/show big dp in profil 
  • hide/show big dp in header 
  • hide/show iklan 
  • hide/show list 
  • hide/show panel 
  • hide/show greeting text 
  • hide/show FAB 
  • hide/show floating action button 
  • hide/show crop 
  • popup notification 
  • auto text 
  • set greeting text 
  • set text 
  • uji nyali 
  • set avatar style 
  • FAB setting 
  • cek update

BBM MOD Anu Screenshot

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